The Secret of Deliberate Creation

You know you are listening to a master teacher when you hear Dr Robert Anthony explain why he turned down the chance to be part of the movie “The Secret”.

Although he was grateful to be asked and is a friend and colleague of the author, Rhonda Byrne, he was concerned that the movie introduced the concepts without adequately

explaining to the viewers how to implement the Law of Attraction and use it effectively in their lives.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr Anthony redresses the balance and provides the missing key to making the laws of the universe work for you.

It’s not science fantasy, but science fact and draws upon the latest findings in the realm of quantum mechanics to explain our reality.

Without resorting to sensationalism or hype, he calmly interprets how anyone has the power to use the Law of Atraction – and, in fact, is already using it whether consciously or not, and whether to their advantage or not. His sincere and logical approach encourages us to stop living life on auto-pilot and to take conscious control of designing what happens to us.

He covers a wealth of topics, from how we make wrong assumptions in early life by absorbing flawed thinking from those around us, to how we can address worry and lack by tapping into the abundance of the universe.

There are many teachers on this subject, but few can explain the evidence so clearly or practically.

The 6-video set is recorded on audio, which makes it the ideal travelling companion, without the distraction of video. He also includes a bonus ‘starter’ CD to get you started on manifesting straightaway.