Video is a powerful medium and people are naturally captivated by images.

YouTube is not just a tool for sharing music and funnies, it also belongs to the category of ‘Social Media’, just like Facebook or Twitter, and is a division of Google, so its authority and influence are massive.

So what is different about the approach to making money on YouTube?

Well, it’s quite easy for people to upload a photo or a message or a ‘like’ on Facebook, and Twitter is even simpler, but the effort required to post a video means that fewer people take advantage of its advertising capabilities.

If you’ve never posted a video before, the procedure may be daunting, but once you have done it a couple of times, you’ll soon see how simple it is.

The greatest advantage is immediacy – you can get noticed much more quickly than by simply building up a web presence with a blog. The second advantage is that you can use the power of other people’s videos – most are free to use (if the ‘Embed’ code is available, then no restrictions have been put on sharing the video for your own marketing).

It’s definitely not as daunting as it sounds! A great place to start is by downloading the free Youtube Hijack course by Sarah Staar. She is the UK’s leading female Internet Marketer and explains everything clearly in video format, so that you can follow her step-by-step instructions. She shows you exactly how to make money on Youtube by following her unique and foolproof loophole.

Alternatively, you can simply hire someone to do the marketing for you. Traditional advertising used to require huge budgets to publish in newsprint, directories and broadcasting media. With online marketing replacing print, TV and radio, professional marketing has become more flexible and affordable. You can really ramp up your online presence for a few hundred dollars, and stand out from the competition.